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Did you know?

"Parachutes help people float
safely down from the sky"



I’m not sure I’d launch a parachute
just there. What do you think?
Is it a good idea?"


I wonder how Tiger feels now?


Tiger’s very worried about that
tear in his parachute. Would you be?


Why did Ant think
Nok could save Tiger?



How do you think they
all feel now ?


In this story ...





Ant, Tiger and Nok were looking at the clouds. “Tell us about the day you came here, Nok,” said Tiger.

“My ship was about to crash. I had to jump out,” said Nok. He hit a button on his chest. A parachute came out of his back.

“Wow!” said Ant. “Let’s make a parachute!” said Tiger. The boys found some string and a plastic bag. They shrank.

Nok told Ant and Tiger what to do. They tied the string to the plastic bag.

“Can I go first?” asked Tiger. Nok put the parachute on to Tiger's back. Ant took a photo. “Smile!” he said.

Just then, a strong gust of wind blew the parachute up!

Tiger flew higher and higher into the air. The wind took him too close to the tree.

The parachute got stuck on a twig. Tiger could not get free.

“Help me!” Tiger called out. “I think my parachute is torn.”

Just then, the twig made a cracking sound. “I am going to fall!” shouted Tiger.“Quick! Save him, Nok!” said Ant.

Nok held up his hands. His power lifted up Tiger's parachute. Tiger floated down.

“Phew!” said Tiger. “Thanks, Nok. That could have been a hard landing!”

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